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Pete Clarke studied Fine Art at Burnley Municipal College, Bristol Polytechnic and MA in Fine Art, Chelsea School of Art. He was Principal Lecturer in Fine Art and MA Course Leader at University of Central Lancashire, Preston until 2014 and now he is working as an artist at the Bluecoat Studios, Liverpool.


‘Environs - The City as a Site and Sign of Modernity’

‘Eight Days A Week’, , Liverpool with Köln, the artists’ initiative reciprocal exchange project, Lead Artist/Curator since 1998, European City of Culture Project 2008. Köln Festival 2012

‘Collaborations’ a European painting project with Georg Gartz, Köln since 1998-

‘Turner’s Travels’, Research Drawing, Retracing History 2007-

‘Global Studio’, Curated International Printmaking Exhibition Bluecoat, Liverpool 2010

Poetry Beyond Text: ‘Collaborative poetics’
with Robert Sheppard Professor of Poetry and Poetics, Edge Hill University.

Impressit Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition, Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston
[Initiated and curated by Pete Clarke / Tracy Hill/ Magda Stawarska Beavan]

Featured Websites:

'Solo Exhibitions:

‘Prints & Drawings’,
‘Social Studies’,
‘City Observations’,
‘Constructed Views’,
‘Artist in Residence: Kelvin Flats’,
‘Streets & Institutions’,
‘Colonial Buildings: The Architecture
of Power’,
‘Environs: Structure: Gestures’,
‘Letters to Language’,
‘Paintings and Moments’,
‘flowers and follies’,
‘City of ships and stores’,

‘numberless islands’,
‘Scars from Falls’

‘Looking Back, Facing Forward:
Mistakes and Metaphors’,

‘Get Back, Graphic Works’

Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool 1981.
Pentonville Gallery, London, 1982.
Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, 1983.
Rochdale Art Gallery, 1984.
Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield, 1985.
Scott Gallery, Lancaster University, 1986.
Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston, 1989.

The Arts Centre, Darlington, 1991
Cornerhouse, Manchester, 1996
New End Gallery, Hampstead, London, 1996.
University of Liverpool Gallery, 1998.
C/o Galerie Thomas Zander, Köln, Germany, 1999.
No 37, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, 1999.
Quay Arts, Isle of Wight,2002.
Kyotobar, Architecture Gallery, Köln 2008.

Victoria Gallery & Museum,
Liverpool University, 2009/10

Kunstraum Dreizwanzig, Köln, Germany,2012


Collaborations with Köln Artist Georg Gartz 1998 – present:

‘Die Brücke’,

‘Chatting with colours’

‘Interface’, ‘Kooperative K’,
‘Crash 1’,
‘Zwischenraum: wir’,
‘Art Genossen’,
‘Ist es am Rhein so schön?’
‘Travels with Turner
Artists In Residence'
'In Exposed Areas"

Galerie Lichthof, Köln & Huyton Gallery, Merseyside.
Atelier, Nippes, Köln.

Kunstwerk Kunstschalter E.V., Köln.
Residency project in Graphic Arts, Liverpool Art School.

Hagen, Germany.
VHS Köln, Germany
Gummersbach, Germany.
Lindlar, Köln‘
Lange Nacht der Kölner Museen’ 2007
Museum Zundorfer Wehrturm, Köln 2008. Kunstverein 68elf e.V. Köln 2011
Knowsley Art Galleries, Kirkby 203
Künstlerbahnhof, Ebernburg, Germany 2015 Kahnweilerhaus, Rockenhausen,Germany 2016

Works in Major British and German Public and Private Collections:
including Liverpool University, Leicester Education Authority, Sheffield City Art Galleries, Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead, National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside and Arts Council of England.

Selected Group Exhibitions 1985 -1990:

‘Summer in the City’,
‘Human Interest’,
‘Print 86’ Printmaker’s Council’,

City Life’,
‘Urban Views’,
‘BBK – Bundesverband Bildender Kunstler’,
‘State of the Nation’,
‘Facades: Faces of the City’,
‘Depicting History for Today’,

‘Current Work – A Reputation Amongst Artists’,

‘Work from the Permanent Collection’,

Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.
Cornerhouse, Manchester.
The Barbican Centre, London.
Cornerhouse, Manchester & Bluecoat
Gallery, Liverpool.

Cornerhouse, Manchester.
Turnpike Gallery, Leigh.
Cologne, Germany.
Herbert Gallery, Coventry.
Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
Mappin, Sheffield: Leeds City and
Rochdale Art Galleries.
Selected with Peter de Francia and
Sonia Lawson,Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield.
Sheffield City Art Galleries.

'A Selected Group Exhibitions 1990 – 2000:

‘A Story to Tell – Narrative in British Art’,
‘A Pool of Signs’,
‘Artists at Work’,
‘Provocative Prints’,
‘Engagement – Eight Days a Week’,

Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield.
Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.
3-Month Gallery, Liverpool.
New End Gallery, London.
Lichthof Gallery, Cologne.

Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.

Selected Group Exhibitions 2000-2010

‘AnOther Place’,
‘nothing but the facts’
‘Remembering Utopia’,
‘Kultur & Natur, Höhen Art’,
‘Crash 2, New Painting’
‘In exposed areas’

‘Injured Text’ Printmaking Exhibition &

‘Coast’, Triangle International Workshop
‘Ex Libris’ Printmaking Biennial,
‘Next Up, Liverpool Art Now’,
‘Tiefschwarz [Deep Black] The Print Connection’
‘Triple Echo’

Storey Institute, Lancaster.
Die Halle, Wiesbaden
Lavatoio Contumaciale, Rome.
Salerno, Italy.
Site Sculpture, Simonskall, Germany
VHS, Köln.
Kulturbunker, Mülheim, Cologne 2006.
Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport 2006.
Graphikwerkstatt, Cologne/Liverpool JMU 2006.

Afoundation Liverpool 2007.
Pancevo, Serbia 2008.
The Bluecoat, Liverpool 2008/09
Galerie VHS, Köln 2009.
Impact International Print Exhibition, Bristol 2009.

Scars From Falls’ ‘New Paintings And Drawings’, Köln 2008

Selected Group Exhibitions 2010 - Present

Five Contemporary Printmakers’
‘Global Studio’
‘FRINGEMK – Painting’
‘EX LIBRIS' Grand Prize
Deep Black, ‘Tiefschwarz’ The Print Connection,
‘Werkart’ bei manufact,
‘Wrecsam Print International’
‘Poetry Beyond Text’

‘Democratic Promenade’
‘Impressit – the art of printmaking’
‘Adrian Henri Prize'

Collaborations with Robert Sheppard’

‘The 4th Guanlan International Print Biennial’
‘Deep Black’
[Tiefschwarz: the Printmaking Connection]
‘Ten’, Liverpool Biennial
‘Painting project"

International Printmaking Triennial’
'VII Splitgraphic'
'Deep Black'

'RCA Secrets 2015 & 2016'
'XV1 International Graphic Biennial'

Cornerstones Gallery, Liverpool 2010
The Bluecoat, Liverpool 2010
Milton Keynes 2010
Pancèvo, Serbia 2010
Pancèvo, Serbia 2010
Cologne 2010
Wrexham. 2011
Dundee Centre for Contemporary Art, Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh &
Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh 2011
The Bluecoat, Liverpool 2011.
Harris Museum &Art Gallery 2013
20 20 Gallery, Much Wenlock, 2013.
Exhibition and symposium, Edge Hill
University, Ormskirk 2013.
Shenzhen, China 2013.
Museum Zündorfer
WehrturmKöln, Germany 2014 Cornerstones Gallery, Liverpool 2014
Auferstehungskirche, Köln, 2014

Krakow, Poland MTG 2015/6 International Graphic Art Biennial, Split, Croatia 2015
Centre for Contemporary Art, University of Chester 2015
Royal College of Art, London
Ostöw Wielkopolski, Poland 2016

Lectures / Conferences/ workshops:

‘Eight days a week’
‘American abstraction’,
‘Formal Situations’,
‘Michel Majerus Pop Reloaded’,
‘Rhinegold – Liverpool& Cologne’,
‘Creative Dates’, NW Art & Design Research Group,
‘In Conversation with Mark Wallinger’,
‘Impact/ Kontakt’, Printmaking Conference, ‘Creative Dates 2’, NW
Art & Design Research.
‘Research in Art & Design Conference Paper’

Liverpool Town Hall 2000.
Tate Gallery, Liverpool 2001.
Tate Gallery, Liverpool 2003.
Tate Gallery, Liverpool 2004.
Tate Gallery, Liverpool 2004.
Liverpool JMU 2006

Tate Gallery, Liverpool 2005
Berlin & Poznan, Poland 2005.
Liverpool JMU 2006
Manchester Metropolitan University 2008.

Bluecoat Design Team Artist

Pete Clarke was appointed the Design Team Artist in January 2003 for the redevelopment of the Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool from a competition of invited artists. The research project developed the artists’ creative input into the Design Team working with the Architectural team of Biq Architecten from Rotterdam who won the architectural commission from an international competition.

Next Up: Liverpool Art Now the Bluecoat School Lane Liverpool L1 3BX
12 December 2008 – 22 February 2009

Unrealise [Diptych] each 140 x 100m, Oil, Acrylic and text on canvas 2008