Pete Clarke
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Commissioned Publications featuring work by Pete Clarke:

‘Constructed Views’,
Paintings by Pete Clarke, catalogue essay David Campbell, Rochdale Art Gallery 1984.

‘Working Images’,

Liverpool Artists Workshop 1985.

‘Human Interest, 50 Years of British Art’
Norbert Lynton, Cornerhouse Publications 1985.

‘Urban Views’,
Turnpike Gallery 1986.

Cornerhouse Publications 1986, ISBN 09-48-797-029.

‘Depicting History for Today’,

Published by Sheffield Arts Department and Leeds City Art Gallery 1987,
ISBN 0901981-34-6..

‘State of the Nation’,

Sarah Selwood 1987.

‘Now for the Future, Arts Council Acquisitions 1984-1988’

AC 5479, Published by the Arts Council of GB/ South Bank Centre, ISBN 1-85332-049-8
Preface by Peter Palumbo.

‘Letters to Language’,

Paintings by Pete Clarke, ‘In Praise of Slow Communication’, commissioned essay by Sean Cubitt, Cornerhouse Publications 1996, ISBN 0-948797-38-X.

‘Paintings and Moments’,
Paintings of the City by Pete Clarke, commissioned essay by Pam Meecham, Published by University of Liverpool 1998.

‘Eight days a week’, Köln/Liverpool Artists’ Edition Newspapers 1998& 2000,

Editors Bryan Biggs, Liverpool and Jürgen Kisters, Köln.

A project by Pete Clarke & Georg Gartz, catalogue essays by Bryan Biggs, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool and Jürgen Kisters, Kölner Stadt Anzeiger, Köln, [c] 2000 bei den Künstlern und den Autoren.

Static Publications 2001.

Commissioned essay [A-N] For Artists, September 2001

‘teach the children nothing but facts’
Catalogue essay Lubaina Himid, Lavatoio Contumaciale, Rome 2001.

‘Liverpool Biennial’,
Commissioned essay [A-N] For Artists, September 2002

‘Internationale Kunstausstellung’,
Simonskall, 2003.

‘A-N for artists’,
Guest preview & commissioned essay writer for August Edition 2004.

‘The Treasures of Liverpool’
Five Arts Cities, Channel Five & Arts Council of England,
Published by FiveArts 2004, ISBN 0-9544208-3-7.

‘Interface 2: Artists working in Collaboration’,
Exhibition catalogue, contributor of introductory text and co-editor (with Morris N.), 2004

‘Von Zufalligen Linien und Rotlichen Flecken’,
Exhibition catalogue, contributor of introductory text, exhibitor and co-editor (with Morris N.),
ISBN 0-9547306-1-5.

Exhibition catalogue with an introduction by the Lord Mayor of Cologne, editor, curator and exhibitor 2004.

‘Malerei aus Liverpool’,
Exhibition catalogue, author of introductory text, curator, exhibitor and co-editor
(with Morris N.) 2004

‘A-N for artists’,
Past Modern, Amrit and Rabindra Singh,
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, commissioned review 2005.

‘Belonging and Beyond, Collaborative Installation’,
Commissioned catalogue essay, Catholic Cathedral, Liverpool 2005.

‘Eight Days A Week: Liverpool/Cologne a Cultural Exchange’,
Refereed conference paper presentation ‘Developments in contemporary printmaking, Liverpool/Köln cultural exchange Project’, at Kontakt, Impact 4, International Printmaking Conference, Universitat der Kunst, Berlin and Kunst Akademie, Poznan, Poland published by the University of Tennessee2005. Conference Website:

‘In Exposed Areas’,
Exhibition catalogue with critical essays by Dr. Martin Turck and Philip Wroe, curator, exhibitor and co-editor ((with Morris N.) ISBN 0-9552820-1-2. 2006

‘Eight Days A Week’ 3rd edition newspaper, ISBN 0-9552820-4-7, 978-0-9552820-4-1 October 2006, Pete Clarke was newspaper editor launched as part of Independents, Biennial Liverpool. He chaired the artists’ forum and gave a contextual introduction to lead the discussion.2006

‘Centre of the Creative Universe: Liverpool & the Avant-Garde’, Tate Gallery Liverpool
Edited by Christoph Grunenberg & Robert Knifton, Liverpool University Press 2007, ISBN 9781846310898.

‘Art in a City Revisited’ [edited by Bryan Biggs and Julie Sheldon and published by the Bluecoat and Liverpool University Press] which looks at Liverpool 40 years on from John Willett’s seminal study ‘Art in a City’.2008

‘Rheinwarts’ - Ten Years Work 1998 – 2008, at the Museum Zündorfer Wehrturm, Köln.
Exhibition illustrated catalogue written by Anke von Heyl, Art Historian on the Collaborative Painting Project by Pete Clarke and Georg Gartz 2008

‘Next Up – Liverpool Art Now’

Exhibition Catalogue, Bryan Biggs & Sara Jayne Parsons Bluecoat Liverpool 2008

‘2nd International Biennial Ex Libris 2008 Lighthouse’
Exhibition of printmaking, Pete Clarke ex Libris Diploma Award, Pancevo, Serbia 2008

‘Liberal and Open’,
Commissioned catalogue essay for Georg Gartz, ‘Malerie Köln 2009.

‘Looking Back: Facing Forward: Mistakes and Metaphors’,
Paintings, Prints and Drawings by Pete Clarke, Published by Victoria Museum & Gallery,
University of Liverpool 2009. ISBN 978-0-9563595-0-6

‘Tief Schwarz /Deep Black – The Printmaking Connection 2010’
Exhibition catalogue of Printmaking from artists from Liverpool, Cologne
and Pancevo/Belgrade,
Serbia, Historical Archive of Pancevo.

‘FringeMK 2010’
Exhibition catalogue of selected paintings Milton Keynes 2010

Get Back’
Exhibition of Graphic Works, Pete Clarke,
Gallerie Kunstraum 320, Cologne 2012
ISBN 9781901922875