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The Bluecoat - Global Studio Exhibition
9 April – 20 June 2010

Aspects of contemporary printmaking, graphic processes of communication
Global as a concept is not necessarily about nationality, geography or place but more a question of attitude, a political commitment, a strategy and ambition to explore significant social and cultural questions through creative practice, dialogue and forms of communication.

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Over the last ten years the landscape for the creative practice of Printmaking has changed, the advent of global communication has enabled much greater international collaboration and for a wider community of Printmakers across the world to be connected. Printmaking, both in its message and its production, has always been primarily a democratic and collaborative process. These factors have allowed printmaking to quietly gain a more pivotal role in mainstream contemporary art practice.

Pete Clarke has selected artists from various international networks, for this Printmaking Project as part of ‘Global Studio’ - IMPACT 6 Print Conference and exhibition, Bristol, UK 2009, Coast- the Liverpool International Artists Workshop 2007 and the on-going ‘Eight Days A Week’ artists from Liverpool and Cologne taking part in unique cultural exchanges.

News : An Exhibition of Five Contemporary Printmakers

The Cornerstone Gallery
Liverpool Hope University
Friday 22 January – Friday 19 February 2010

Private View
Thursday 21st January 6-8pm 2010
Artists: Pete Clarke, Tim Dolphin, Peter Dover, Emma Gregory & Emily Johns

Statement Pete ClarkePete Clarke is a Liverpool based artist who explores concepts of the city, modernity and history utilising painting, drawing, printmaking, objects and poetic text. He moved to Liverpool in 1978 after studying at Chelsea School of Art, West of England College of Art [Bristol Polytechnic], Burnley Municipal College and living for a time on the Isle of Wight and then London. His work explores the ‘city’ as an ‘imagined environment’, ‘the politics of its representation, language and text’, a metaphor for construction and change. Lately he has explored questions of history as a social and political landscape, an exploration of geography as a metaphoric surface.

This year Matthew Clough and Moira Lindsay curated the ‘Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings, Prints and Drawings’, ‘Looking Back: Facing Forward: Mistakes and Metaphors’ at the newly refurbished Victoria Gallery and Museum, University of Liverpool [October 2 2009 – January 23 2010]. The retrospective was a critical overview and selection of significant works by Pete Clarke from the 1980s to recent paintings including works produced for Sheffield City Art Gallery from the collections of the Arts Council and Liverpool University.
The Exhibition also included a 64 Page catalogue of work produced by Pete Clarke since his move to Liverpool featuring critical contextual essays by Matthew Clough and Moira Lindsay, Victoria Gallery and Museum and Bryan Biggs, Artistic Director the Bluecoat, Liverpool and a recorded conversation between the artist and Gabriel Gee, Groupe d'études Interdisciplinaires en Arts Britanniques [funded by University of Liverpool, University of Central Lancashire and the Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts].

In April - June 2010 Pete Clarke is curating ‘Global Studio’, aspects of contemporary printmaking and graphic processes of communication for the Bluecoat. ‘Global Studio’ as a concept is not necessarily about nationality, geography or place but more a question of attitude, political commitment, strategy and ambition to explore significant social and cultural questions through creative practice, dialogue and forms of communication.
He leads the artists’ initiative ‘Eight Days a Week’ developing cultural exchange projects with Liverpool and Köln. He has developed a collaborative practice with Georg Gartz from Köln questioning aesthetics, authorship and authenticity in contemporary painting. He is a Principal Lecturer in Fine Art and MA Course Leader at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston. He also has forthcoming exhibitions and projects in Cologne and Belgrade later in 2010.

Pete Clarke
Websites: Jones
Fine Art and Design Senior Assistant /
Cornerstone Gallery Manager
Liverpool Hope University
Tel: 0151 291 3997

The Cornerstone Gallery,
Liverpool Hope University,
Building, 1 Haigh Street,
Liverpool, L3 8QB

News : In their own words

32-40 Bank Street Sheffield S1 2DS
November 6th - December 5th, 2009
Nine artists working in different media were invited to describe one of their works and submit both the work and the description for inclusion in an exhibition. Nine poets were then invited to produce a poem as a response to one of these works and nine jewellers to produce a work inspired by an artist’s text. Texts, poems and jewellery were exhibited without further explanation. In an extension of this original project, for the Galvanise festival, the original participants were asked to invite further artists, poets and jewellers to participate. This current exhibition displays the work of all 108 participants in the project.

Artists: Jonathan Allen, Bram Arnold, Jeffery Baker, Iwan Bala, Dave Ball, Sovay Berriman, Martin J Callanan, Clive Caswell, cris cheek, Pete Clarke, Daedalus, Roger Dilkes, Andrew Dodds, Alec Finlay, Leo Fitzmaurice, Rachel Garfield, David Graham, Tom Godfrey, S Mark Gubb, Lucy Harrison, Rupert Hartley, Samuel Herbert, Espen Jensen, David Kirschner, Thorsten Knaub, Sarah Lightman, Brendan Lyons, Richard Makin, Simon Morris, Ilona Niemi, Tony Rickaby, Sarah, Sarah Ozanne, seekers of lice, Emma Smith, Julian Walker.


An exhibition of Paintings, Prints and Drawings of Pete Clarke

Victoria Gallery and Museum,
University of Liverpool,
L69 3DR.

Private View Thursday October 1st 5.30 – 7.00 pm
October 2nd 2009 – January 23rd 2010

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Edge Hill Prize 2009: Commission from a North West Artist

The Edge Hill Prize is a prestigious literary award, bestowed annually on the author of
a published short story collection from the UK or Ireland. In addition to the £5000 first prize, the winning author receives a specially commissioned artwork, sponsored by
Blackwell bookshops. Pete Clarke was selected from proposals from North West artists for
this year’s prize, which will be awarded at The Bluecoat, Liverpool on July 4th 2009.

• Please consult our website for more on the Edge Hill Prize, the short story and prize-winning authors.

Invisible Cities: Commissioned Painting by Pete Clarke.

Pete Clarke’s work explores visual narratives influenced as much by contemporary literature as by contemporary art which makes this an appropriate artist for the commissioned prize for a short story writer. He has selected composite images of an imagined city, a building that represents metaphorically the idea of a shell, an empty container of possible associations.
The constructed framed painting juxtaposes images and related poetic text from ‘Invisible Cities’ by Italio Calvino.

Calvino’s narrative explores imagination and the imaginable through the descriptions of cities by the explorer Marco Polo in a conversation with the aging emperor Kublai Khan.
The majority of the book consists of brief prose poems describing cities and short dialogues between the two characters to discuss various ideas presented by the cities on a wide range of topics including linguistics and human nature.
Pete Clarke is a Liverpool based artist who explores concepts of the city, modernity and history. He is a Principal Lecturer in Fine Art and MA Course Leader at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston. He leads the artists’ initiative ‘Eight Days a Week’ developing cultural exchange projects with Liverpool and Cologne. He has developed a collaborative practice with Georg Gartz from Köln questioning aesthetics, authorship and authenticity.
For more information please contact

Ailsa Cox on

Past News: TiefSchwarz [Deep Black] The Print Connection

VHS Galerie Bezirksrathaus Lindenthal
Aachenerstr. 220 Köln
Exhibition 7.03.09 – 30.04.09
Private View Friday March 6 @ 7.30

Artists from Liverpool, Köln, Tunis and Pancèvo, present TiefSchwarz [Deep Black] a
Printmaking exhibition in Köln, Pancèvo, Serbia and Liverpool. The exhibition will include
graphic works from eleven artists’ exploring different attitudes and practices in
contemporary intaglio printmaking.


Next Up: Liverpool Art Now
The Bluecoat School Lane, Liverpool
L1 3BX

Date: From Friday, 12 December 2008 to Sunday, 22 February 2009
Features :Pete Clarke

2008 comes to an end, but the cultural life in Liverpool continues. Why wouldn’t it?
The city’s artistic community is incredibly vibrant and to celebrate this the Bluecoat shows off the depth of creative talent to be found locally in Next Up: Liverpool Art Now, a group exhibition showcasing over 35 artists currently living and working in Liverpool. Featuring painting, drawing, video, photography, sculpture, installation and animation, Next Up presents a diverse range of works by artists with established national and international careers alongside emerging artists who are developing their professional practice. Significantly Next Up does not propose to be an exhaustive survey of the local art scene, nor is it dictated by prize money or a curatorial theme. Rather the exhibition simply presents a timely selection of artists’ work that is engaging and accomplished, and maintain’s the Bluecoat’s strong tradition of commitment and support for local artists.

Artists exhibiting in Next Up: Liverpool Art Now
Oliver Braid, Paul Bratt, Pete Clarke, Paul Clarkson, John Davies, Gina Czarnecki, Alan Dunn, Nina Edge, Jemma Egan, Leo Fitzmaurice, Stephen Forge, Emma Gregory, Sean Hawkridge, Lin Holland, Neil Keating, David Jacques, Alison Jones, Brigitte Jurack, Gareth Kemp, Harry Lawson, James Loftus, Brendan Lyons, Nicki McCubbing, Geoff Molyneux, Tabitha Kyoko Moses, Bernadette O'Toole, Richard Proffitt, James Quin, Paul Rooney, The Singh Twins, Tony Smith, Markus Soukup, Imogen Stidworthy, Nick Sykes, Chiz Turnross, Claire Weetman, Barry Worrall, Kai-Oi Jay Yung.
Come along to our free drop-in exhibition
tours from 12.00pm-12.45pm each Friday.


Kyotobar, Architectural Gallery, Gereonswall 75, 50670 Köln
Exhibition: October 25 – November 28 2008
Private View: Friday 24 October from 7.00pm

Discussion with the Artist: Saturday 25 October 2.00 – 5.00pm
Dr Martin Turke, art historian and curator invited Pete Clarke to exhibit new work at Kyotobar, the award winning architectural space designed by Johannes Schilling. This interesting and uncompromising ‘modernist’ concrete gallery produces a fascinating context and contrast to the works on display. ‘Scars from Falls’ is new work derived from a range of social and cultural references including the metaphoric images of the ruins of Rome by Piranesi, images of coastal erosion and drawings of ‘Gordale Scar’, the 150 metre limestone gorge in Malham, Yorkshire. This spectacular feature of the Craven fault is believed by many geologists to be the remains of a huge underground cavern whose roof collapsed around the time of the last ice age. It is also the subject of a famous painting by Turner [circa 1816] Tate Britain.
Pete Clarke is a Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston and the Lead Artist of ‘Eight Days A Week’, the artists’ initiative that explores strategies for creative dialogue between the cities of Liverpool and Köln.
Recent exhibitions by Pete Clarke include: ‘Ex Libris’, a Prize winner at the International Printmaking Biennial, Pancevo, Belgrade, 2008, ‘In exposed Areas’, Kulturbunker, Mülheim, Köln and Atkinson Art Gallery Southport 2006, and ‘Rheinwärts’, the collaboration project’ by Pete Clarke & Georg Gartz, Museum Zündorfer Wehrturm, Köln 2008. He will also be making ‘Turner’s travels,’ more collaborative work with Georg Gartz in December at ‘Eight Days A Week at the Bluecoat’ which runs from October – December 2008.
The exhibition was sponsored and acknowledges support from Stadt Köln, Kulturamt Köln, The University of Central Lancashire, Preston, ‘Eight Days A Week’, and the Liverpool Culture Company, Liverpool European Capital of Culture.
Sunday, 4th May 2008 at 3.00 pm
Exhibition: 5th -25th May 2008
Pete Clarke, Liverpool and George Gartz, Cologne
Guest speakers of Anke Heyl, Art historian, Cologne

Museum Zündorfer tower
Hauptstr. 181, 51143 Cologne (Porz-Zündorf) Tel: 02203-5757609
Opening times: Wed + Sa 15-18 pm,
Sun 14 - 18 hours


 ‘C O A S T ‘

18TH August to 2nd September
At Greenland Street Complex, Liverpool

Working Group

Donna Berry
Pete Clarke
Lin Holland
David Lewis
Geoff Molyneux
Tabitha Moses
Margit Schoening
Tony Smith

In Collaboration With:
Triangle Arts Trust
The A Foundation
Liverpool Hope University

COAST is an artist-led initiative, previously registered as Cyfuniad International Artists Limited and maintains the same company number, objects and articles of association as Cyfuniad.

The Workshop Model:
COAST is based on The Triangle workshop model which brings together a group of 20-25 artists to work together and share ideas and methods for a period of two weeks. Workshops are typically initiated by a local working group of independent artists and are separate from museums or academic environments as workshops are peer-to-peer projects that promote “learning by exchange” with one another.  For this reason, workshops focus on process instead of the final product and don’t have a specific theme leading the production of work.
At the end of the two weeks, the workshop hosts an Open Day, which is both a celebration of the project as well as a way of involving the local public in the developments and results of the workshops. Open Days have a strong local impact as the unusual nature of the workshops generates expectation and curiosity amongst local communities who have a chance of seeing first hand the process of making work and talking to local and international artists about their work and experiences.

This emphasis on experimentation, process, dialogue and exchange makes the workshop fundamentally different from most other international platforms such as biennials or exhibitions. Cyfuniad and COAST are part of the global network of workshops based on the Triangle model first established by Sir Anthony Caro and Sir Robert Loder in New York in 1982.  (Visit the Triangle Arts Trust Website at:  Over the past 24 years the network has extended to more than 30 countries worldwide, with more than 3,500 artists participating. 

COAST 2007 will work with a major new partner for 2007, the A Foundation, who have generously agreed to the Blade and Furnace spaces of the Greenland Street complex (a major venue in the Liverpool 2008 Biennial) being exclusively available to COAST.

Twelve international artists, and a further 4 from the UK (outside of Liverpool), will be invited to participate in the Workshop with a broad geographical and disciplinary spread.  Those invited will range from emergent, established and mid-career artists, creating a dynamic exchange across age, experience, gender, social and cultural backgrounds. 

In addition to the Working Group artists the UK Artists from outside Liverpool who have been nominated are:

Gayle Chong Kwan               London           Sculpture/installation
Mary Oliver                             Manchester    Film/Performance/installation
Matt Frank                              London           Sculpture
Harold Offeh                          London           Photography

International artists who have been nominated are:

Abu Nasser Robii                 Bangladesh   mixed media/performance
Lara Baladi                          Egypt              mixed media/photography
Rui Assubuiju                        Mozambique  photography
Diala Khasawnih                   Jordan                        mixed media/painting
Juan David Mdinia                Colombia        mixed media/installation
Humberto Diaz                      Cuba               mixed media/installation
Mriganka                              Assam                        video
Italo Zuffi                              Italy                   sculpture
Adrian Meatek                     Libya                  painting
Matoba Satomi                     Japan                mixed media



Liverpool 2008                                                       

2008 is Liverpool’s Capital of Culture year and the 10th Anniversary of Eight Days A Week. Eight Days led by Pete Clarke plan to launch a celebratory catalogue in March 2008 to mark this occasion. In addition to this, they intend to take out a 6-month lease on a property to function as an exhibition and activity space during 2008. This will enable 8DAW to carry out a series of high-profile activities and developing links with Cologne and other European cities.

Eight Days A Week (8DAW), an artists’ initiative, explores strategies for creative dialogue between the cities and regions of Liverpool and Cologne, Germany through an ongoing cultural exchange programme that promotes the new understanding of ‘International Practice in the Regional’. Since its beginnings in 1998 8DAW has organised over 100 projects, has developed cultural festivals in 2002, 2004 and 2006. 8DAW will continue presenting artists’ practices to new audiences and new communities within Europe, to generate informed and critical public debate around the social role of contemporary art and culture. 8DAW has received significant recognition from Liverpool City Council, who highlighted the initiative as an inclusive collaborative project linking Liverpool with Cologne as a major part of the successful European Capital City of Culture submission for 2008.

“Eight Days A Week 10th Anniversary Publication”
As well as being Capital of Culture, 2008 marks the 10th anniversary of 8DAW. To mark this occasion, 8DAW plans to publish a celebratory publication which will showcase all 8DAW activities during 2007/08, review past achievements, and present our ambitions for the future. This publication will be used to promote Liverpool and the 8DAW Exchange in Cologne and other European cities. It will provide information about the exchange project, encourage new links and networking opportunities and promote our partner organisations both here in the UK and abroad. Initial plans are for a 32 page, A4 format magazine. Text will be provided by both 8DAW members and additional authors who will be commissioned to write articles about 8DAW exhibitions, artists, and cultural issues raised by the exchange project.
Publication to be ready for distribution in March 2008 and will be distributed in Liverpool, Cologne, other UK and European cities throughout 2008.

“Eight Days A Week Project Space”
In 2008, 8DAW plans to take out a 6 months lease on a property which will function as an exhibition and resource space for artists. This will provide a base for 8DAW activities which will include exhibitions, artist residencies, film screenings, performance events and enable us to develop links with educational institutions in the city 8DAW has recognised the need for independent exhibition spaces in Liverpool which provide opportunities for professional development of artists and engage with a diverse range of the community. This venue will establish greater visibility for 8DAW and provide a solid presence during Capital of Culture.


‘COLLABORATION’, a painting project by Pete Clarke & Georg Gartz.

This project produced work in England and Germany since 1998 and has made reciprocal exhibitions in Köln and Liverpool. In May 2007 Pete Clarke and Georg Gartz will start a new ‘collaborative’ project charting Turner’s travels and journeys along the Rhine in Germany and in the North of England. The artists will revisit iconic places depicted in Turner’s paintings and sketchbooks producing new transcriptions and invented images. The project will explore concepts of nationality, ‘the regional in the international’ within an European context.



Pete Clarke will be exhibiting at the new exhibition space at the Victoria Building, Liverpool University Gallery in 2009. He will show a range of paintings exploring the ‘changing face of the city’, the exhibition will be accompanied by a illustrated and annotated catalogue with a range of invited contributions from artists and academics.