Pete Clarke
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Project 3 :Far ago, Long away, Site Sculpture Simonskall, Germany 2003

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Internationale Kunstausstellung Hoehen Art, Simonskall,
Germany July 12 –August 2003

Pete Clarke was an invited artist to make a site related commissioned work for Internationale Kunstausstellung, ‘KUNST KULTUR NATUR’ , sculpture exhibition in Germany. Simonskall
is a very important and significant historical World War Two site and was also a artists’colony during the Weimar Republic led by Franz Wihelm Seiwert and the Gruppe Progressiver Künstler The commission was to make an out door piece reflecting this social and cultural context.

Exhibition catalogue featuring front cover design based on photograph of Pete Clarke's Installation.

Reviewed in ‘Aachener Zeitung’ 10 /07 /2003. It was funded by and featured on their
website www.