Pete Clarke
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Project 4 : 'numberless islands'
Michael West Gallery, Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight, March 2002.

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At Home ( 120 x 100 cm) Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 2002

A shed: a hut 120 x 100 cm Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 2002

Publicity statement:

Old poems and half remembered quotations, seaside holiday postcards, photographs of old relics and monuments, images of city streets and suburban parks influence the paintings in this exhibition. The work functions as a sort of personal navigational aide often depicting images of the Isle of Wight like the Duver in St. Helens and Appley tower in Ryde.

The exhibition includes work from three recent series of paintings including 'letters to language', images exploring the city as a metaphor: 'city of ships and stores', an installation of twenty paintings: and 'city going to sea', island paintings incorporating poetic text suggesting history, memory and loss.

Liverpool based artist Pete Clarke has lived in Ryde and has many island connections.
He is a frequent visitor with his family to a place that is influential in developing themes and ideas for painting. He has exhibited extensively in the UK and Europe with recent exhibitions in Cologne, Rome and Wiesbaden.
The exhibition was funded by the Isle of Wight Council, Red Funnel and Southern Arts and the Arts Council with a review in the County Press, Isle of Wight