Pete Clarke
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Project 6: Liverpool Artist Workshop

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Ladders and Bridges 1991
(Mixed media on canvas 84" x 133")

Liverpool Artists’ Workshop

Hope Street Studios 1980 -1985

The Royal Institution, Colquitt Street 1985 -1990

Liverpool Artists’ Workshop was set up in September 1980 at Hope Street Studios, next to the iconic Philharmonic Pub, by a group of people wishing to work in Liverpool who saw communal studios as a practical solution to both the financial aspects of workshop provision and also the creation of a healthy atmosphere in which to produce work. It has always been a concern amongst members that a communal and collaborative working situation would develop as opposed to an isolated and individualistic practice.

The workshop was organised and run by the joint decision of the members and parallel to the provision of working space LAW organised ‘Open Weeks’, participated in educational and community workshops, ran seminars, lecture programmes and discussion groups as well as local and national solo and group exhibitions. Visiting speakers in the ‘Social Production of Art’ seminar series included Terry Atkinson and Griselda Pollock amongst others.

These events and projects were seen by LAW as the logical extension to their art practice. They indicate the full context of the social conditions under which art as a social practice are undertaken. LAW adopted strategies to engage in social and political debate to try to reach different audiences in the community.

In October 1985 LAW had its Hope Street lease terminated and consequently this led to a re-evaluation of the nature and practices of LAW. A smaller and more coherent organisation was reformed at the Royal Institution, Colquitt Street. LAW was less concerned with the burdens and limitations of simple studio provision, but more with broadening the community of interests and engaging and linking with other cultural organisations.

LAW Artists included Pete Clarke, David and Sue Campbell, Brian Machin, Jenny Wilson, Paul Rooney and Godfrey Burke.

Environs:structures: Gestures: Clearning the titian 1991