Pete Clarke
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project 13 : Turner's Travels - Long night of the Museums

Lange Nacht der Museen [Long night of the Museums]
3rd November 2007 19 3 Uhr 7.00pm 3.00am

Rheinlust - new work by Pete Clarke, Liverpool and Georg Gartz, Cologne
Pete Clarke & Georg Gartz have produced paintings & projects in England and Germany since 1998 and have made reciprocal exhibitions, publications and invited gallery and conference presentations in Germany, Poland and the UK, for example Tate Gallery, Liverpool 2004 and ‘In exposed areas’ at the Kulturbunker, Mülheim, Köln and Atkinson Art Gallery Southport 2006.

In May 2007 Pete Clarke and Georg Gartz started Rheinlust following Turner’s travels and journeys in Germany along the Rivers Rhine and Mosel. The project explored Rolandseck, Drachenfels, Nonnenwerth and St Goarhausen on the Rhine, Cochem and Burg Eltz on the Mosel, iconic places depicted in Turner’s ‘Romantic’ paintings and sketchbooks producing new transcriptions and re-invented images.

The collaborative project by Clarke &Gartz questions concepts of nationality, within
a European context, ‘the regional in the international’. The historic work of Turner is
explored to personify and critique concepts of national influence and cultural production.

‘Long night of the museums’,
Rheinlust by Pete Clarke & Georg Gartz will be exhibited as a major part of the ‘Die Lange Nacht der Museen’ [the long night of the museums] when Köln has a celebratory evening
for the visual arts organised by the City of Köln and sponsored by the Stadt Review.